General Terms & Conditions

The Hague Psychologist / General Terms & Conditions

At the beginning session we will discuss your difficulties and the reasons you are seeking help. This will also be an opportunity for you talk about what your expectations are for therapy.


I regret that I cannot make up time if you are late. It is important that you read, understand these terms and conditions before you proceed with counselling, coaching or therapy.


If you need to cancel your appointment, please give 48 hours notice or you may be charged the usual fee. Failure to give the required notice will result in you being charged a cancellation fee.


Children younger than 18 years old need consent from their parent or guardian.


Overall, what is said between you and me in the therapy sessions is strictly confidential.


I am respects your process and progress. In practice this means that session length is flexible and may be anything from 1 hour onwards.


All fees, costs and other remuneration of the services provided by The Hague Psychologist/Leiden Psychologist/Expat Psychologist, and agreed orally and/or in writing must be paid either in cash after each session or within two weeks.

We all possess the same needs for healthy agreements, boundaries, emotional expression and genuine connection. My approach accentuates these needs as normal, and teaches people how to meet them in healthy ways. We all want more peace and clarity in our lives. Major life transitions, good and bad, can rob us of both leaving us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. Therapy can be an effective tool to help you heal and move forward. I believe building a trusting, respectful and collaborative therapeutic relationship can make it possible to do just that.

The safe harbor of the therapeutic relationship offers a chance for validation, honesty, acceptance, and change that is not always possible in other relationships Whether you seek support navigating a difficult life transition, managing or confronting difficult emotions, sorting out feelings about a relationship, understanding the effects of a painful past, or exploring ambivalence and fear of change, the therapeutic relationship can help you get “un-stuck” and moving forward. I’ve found most of my clients to be remarkably intuitive, insightful, and wise. Sometimes, due to the challenges of life and demands of relationships, people lose touch with their sense of self, their ability to trust their own instincts and their belief in their right to have their needs met.