What is your SWOT analysis?

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What is your SWOT analysis?

One of the tools you can use when analyzing and getting to know yourself is a SWOT analysis – a systematic method of analyzing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Try to understand your strengths, a personal strength is an asset. These are the traits or skills that set you apart from others. Questions to ask: what are you good at naturally? The next step is weaknesses. This part examines the areas in which you need to improve. A personal weakness is a liability or an area of opportunity for growth. These are characteristics you could impove. Examples: disorganized, uncomfortable speaking in front of groups, tendency to procrastinate, poor listener. Questions to consider: what are your negative habits and traits? Opportunities & Threats – when thinking about your opportunities and threats, I always find it easier to begin with the “threats.” Try comparing yourself to other people to anylise yourself. Then, as objectively as possible, judge your threats and determine possible ways to overcome them. So if you need a little boost in your personal or professional development, try using the personal SWOT analysis exercise to sharpen your strengths, improve your weaknesses, identify opportunities for development and neutralize or overcome your threats.