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Hi, I’m Anna! 15 years ago I graduated from the university in Moscow and started my practice as a psychologist. As I wanted to discover and to learn more I moved to the Netherlands to continue my education.

I’m a certified gestalt-therapist. I conduct sessions in English, Russian and Dutch.

Becoming is better than being.

I believe that everyone has enough power and knowledge to live his/her life, but sometimes some help is needed and I’m happy to provide it. Psychologist is not just a professional he/she is also a person and you can’t split them. As a person I’m interested in people, patient, supporting, respect others borders and willing to help. Psychology is my passion and I use my empathetic approach to help!

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Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is a client centred approach with the focus on the here and now. Therapy helps clients become more aware of what is going on in their lives. The past experience might be involved and analysed but only in its connection to the present. It is not only discussing and understanding of previous experience but also paying attention to the feelings and emotional reactions.

Through the gestalt process, clients learn to become not only more aware of the patterns they use in their lives but also making choices and taking responsibility for the consequences. Clients get to know themselves better and act congruently instead of trying to change in accordance with the unrealistic picture of who they supposed to become.

According to gestalt theory changes happen in the personal relationship with the therapist so specific attention is payed to creating a trustful and productive bond where not only situations from the clients live can be discussed but also feelings during the session itself. That is important as from gestalt perspective a client builds the relationship with the therapist the same way as he does with all other people and the world in general and during the session it is save to reflect on that and to learn about ones ways of communication and living in general.