About Lara

About Lara

About Lara – Hi, I’m Lara, a Psychologist and Counsellor originally from the German-speaking part of Italy. My academic journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Vienna, with a memorable exchange semester in Spain. This experience paved the way for my Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Eager to expand my horizons, I pursued a second Master’s in Counselling Psychology at CITY College, a British university in Greece.

Furthermore, experiencing life in other countries and immersing myself in different cultures has been an incredible opportunity for me and has offered me many valuable life lessons. 

Additionally, during my time at Leiden University, I fell in love with the Netherlands, which is why I decided to come back to live and work here.

Being an expat, I thoroughly understand the challenges of adapting to new environments, cultures, and languages. Equipped with an array of experience working with diverse demographics and a spectrum of challenges, I’m eager to support my clients through their life struggles. Moreover, I’ve encountered a wide range of topics in my work, including anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, grief, relationship struggles, domestic abuse, self-harm, OCD, substance misuse, ASD, low self-esteem, family relationships, and burnout.

Further, my academic and practical training has exposed me to various therapeutic perspectives and approaches, allowing me to find a more holistic balance. While my work is grounded in an integrative foundation, I’ve also received CBT and Schema Therapy training. As a result, my approach is highly personalised. This means that I draw from various perspectives and incorporate different techniques to adapt to the unique needs of each client, honouring their individuality.

I’m committed to creating an inclusive space and approaching my work through a trauma-informed lens. It is worth noting that I offer sessions in English and German, and I have a deep understanding of Italian culture and language. 

To conclude, I aim to assist my clients in exploring their past and understanding how it shapes their present thoughts and behaviour. Becoming aware of life patterns and developing healthy coping skills is a fundamental step in creating change and finding a way to navigate life in a balanced way.

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