About Lia

about Lia
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about Lia

Hi, my name is Lia. I was born in Germany, but I was raised bilingually. Both of my parents grew up in South Africa, so English was part of my everyday life. Being bilingual from an early age, I always experienced a particular appreciation for other countries. As much as I enjoyed living in Germany with my family, I felt the need to leave and explore the world. Fortunately, I had the chance to visit South Africa at least once a year, which not only opened me to new cultures but fostered my hunger for traveling and getting to know new practices.

Of course, when it was time to decide whether I would stay in Germany or study somewhere else, the choice was easy. The Netherlands seemed like a great starting point: one of the biggest cultural hubs in Europe but, at the same time, not too far from home. For the first time, I became an expat. Currently, I am doing a BSc in Psychology.

Psychology has always been interesting. I graduated high school with a close focus on graphic design, which among other things involved the psychology of advertising and colors. Fascinated, I decided to pursue a career in Psychology to further expand my knowledge of human behavior.

In my free time, I am primarily interested in art. I love to create and experiment with new materials. Often, I find myself experimenting with making candles, soaps or clay forms. I also love drawing digitally. For me, art is a crucial form of self-expression and self-awareness. As I am working towards becoming a therapist and, as I am creatively inclined, my goal is to discover therapy tools that help people by channeling their creativity.

Spirituality is also important to me. Whether it concerns tarot and oracle readings, collecting new crystals and taking care of my plants, I am always open to expanding my knowledge and being broad-minded. Last but not least, I do enjoy experimenting with new recipes from time to time – which is always a gamble as I am such a picky eater!

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