About Neus

about Neus
Executive Assistant

Hi! I’m Neus. The first time I realized I wanted to become a psychologist I was in the line of the cafeteria in High School, one of my classmates started to have an anxiety attack, so I pulled him out of there and tried to calm him down. When he relaxed and thanked me with a hug afterward I knew psychology was the line of work for me. Having been raised as a scout, helping and serving others is one of my core values. It brings me joy and a sense of purpose to help others grow and learn about themselves, to give them strategies to cope with the many challenges life has, and improve their well-being. During my years of learning in the degree, I discovered my love for understanding human behavior and its complexity. I understood that we are a mixture of our past experiences, present belief systems, and attitudes towards the future. I was perplexed at how many things I was studying could be applied on a day-to-day basis, and how nobody from my personal life would know about this. I believe that psychologists could help anyone’s quality of life improve, but many times we face stigma, however, no problem is too small to go to therapy.

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