About Olga

About Olga

About Olga – Hello! My name is Olga, and I come from Poland. I’ve always liked analysing the human psyche and learning English, so I combined my two biggest interests. I did my bachelor’s degree in English Studies in Toruń – my small hometown. Then, I obtained a master’s degree in Psychology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Meanwhile, searching for my place, I participated in several Erasmus exchanges, which allowed me to study in England, Belgium, and Lithuania. As an international student, I immersed myself in diverse cultural backgrounds, which made me more curious and mindful of their impact on our identity.

These experiences finally brought me to the Netherlands. I’ve completed my dream master’s in Clinical Psychology from Leiden University and did a following clinical internship. I’ve learnt about the power of an empathic and empowering therapeutic relationship and its role in guiding others towards better well-being.

I’m passionate about Psychology because it explores why we think, feel, and behave in certain ways. It offers insight and practical tools to cope with life challenges like being an expat. I know what it feels like to be one. I also believe that we all have a choice in how we respond to setbacks. Seeing them as an opportunity to grow can help us thrive and lead more meaningful lives.

Writing helps me stay regularly connected with myself. In my spare time, I like taking long walks in nature, sometimes capturing its beauty with a camera. Moreover, I enjoy reading psychotherapy tales, which teach me and inspire how to become a better psychologist.

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