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We are skilled at working with couples, individuals, teenagers, children and families. We offer a direct, empathetic style, and believe therapists should get clear feedback. We also think therapy should be a rewarding experience. We primarily rely on cognitive-behavioral therapy, but our approach is eclectic, and we tailor our style to suit each client’s needs. We give our clients concrete, tangible tools and skills they can use immediately after each appointment. We specialize in anger and stress management for adolescents, adults, families, individuals, couples, employees, and HR managers. We also work with clients to help them navigate myriad other challenges, especially anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties. Send us email at info@expatspsychologist.com


Clinical Psychologist, English language, working with students, adults & couples, guidance for teenagers.

Kendall Willems-Cygan

Psychologist & Behavior Analyst, English language, working with adults, students and children

Lidia Pardo Alba

Clinical Psychologist, conducting sessions in Spanish and Italian, working with adults, students, and children

Zeynep Alper

Clinical Psychologist, conducting sessions in native Turkish & English speaking, working with adults, students & children.

HEINI kumpulainen

Clinical Psychologist, Finnish & English language, working with adults & students.

Kristine Asferg

Junior Clinical Psychologist , Danish & English language, working with adults & students.

Leonie Dijkhuizen

Hypnotherapist, conducting sessions in English & Dutch, working with adults & children

Natalia Karavaeva

Dance therapy, conducting sessions in English & Russian, therapy for women

our amazing support team
Taya Slobodjaniuk

Founder & Owner of Expat Psychologists


Legal services & member of our support team

Our View on the Purpose of Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy is really aimed at helping people solve problems they are unable to solve on their own. Truly what sets a trained professional from a ``friend`` is their education, experience and training to treat and view problems that a lay person would not be able to do.


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Psychotherapy lays the emotional groundwork that leads to a more happy and satisfying life. Many people think of psychotherapy, especially some kinds of traditional psychotherapy, as one-sided: the person in therapy talks and the therapist listens. But effective psychotherapy – therapy that heals – works because of the unique relationship that develops between the therapist and the person in therapy. Finding the right therapist is an integral process to making change. We have found that the connection within the therapeutic relationship is the most critical piece for success.