What I Love about Being a Psychotherapist

Therapeutic work is my calling in life. I always knew that I wanted to work in a helping field with people. It is truly a privilege to be invited into people's lives and entrusted to help them recognize and achieve their potential. I have witnessed the domino effect of positive change that can occur by helping even just one person become the best version of themselves.

Drs. T.P. (Taya) Slobodjaniuk

COMMITMENT PHOBIA – fear of intimacy and deep emotional connection

ANGER MANAGEMENT – strategies to control your anger

MARRIAGE COUNSELING – also called couples therapy, is a type of psychotherapy

ART OF RECEIVING COMPLIMENTS – mastering the art of receiving compliments 

EXECUTIVE COACHING – coaching is specific and goal-oriented

ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING – Being assertive is a core communication skill

TYPE OF THERAPIES – therapy is a powerful tool that promotes positive change

ATYCHIPHOBIA – 10 signs that you might a fear of failure

ACCEPTANCE & COMMITMENT THERAPY – is a form of psychotherapy

EXPOSURE & RESPONSE PREVENTION is a way to treat obsessive compulsive disorder

POWERFUL STEPS to Manage Difficult Conversations

THE PROCESS OF GRIEVING in response to a significant loss


INFERIORITY COMPLEX – what are the causes



ANXIETY TREATMENT – systematic approach to dealing with


PSYBLOG -my area of expertise is the mind

RUSSIAN SPEAKING PSYCHOLOGIST – situated n The Hague & Leiden



My approach to therapy is to work with the client to determine their needs and goals and the best way that we can meet and accomplish these. I treat my clients with respect, and believe that everybody has strengths to draw on. My belief is that therapy works when there is a safe and trusting environment in which the client feels heard. This allows for the client to work through the underlying issues that are contributing to their current problems. They can then make the positive changes that they are seeking in their lives.

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