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therapies in the treatment

Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy, called cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) based on the idea that your thoughts cause your feelings and actions. If you change the way you think about something, you can feel or behave better even if the situation doesn’t change. This therapy helps you understand negative or false thought patterns that cause feelings and behavior.<br />


therapies in the treatment

Behavior therapy

Behavior therapy called behavior modification therapy, kind of treatment focuses on changing unwanted or unhealthy behaviors and replacing them with healthy ones. This treatment involves using a reinforcement of positive behavior.


therapies in the treatment


Psychoanalysis is a kind of treatment that encourages you to think and talk about memories and feelings from the past. The idea is that these memories will help you understand how you act and feel today.


therapies in the treatment

Couples therapy

Couples therapy or marriage counseling can help couples solve problems together, communicate in healthier ways and learn to work out differences.

My practice motto is SUCCESS!! I believe that no one is broken. The only thing that is wrong is what we’ve been taught to think and believe about ourselves that stops us from being our true selves. Therefore, my goal is to empower people.

With couples I help them improve communication skills, reduce conflict, and increase intimacy. With individuals I help them reduce anxiety and depression, improve coping skills, and transform their life story to embrace more acceptance and love.

Therapy is a powerful tool that promotes positive change, healing, and personal growth. We all have the capacity to become better people, however the limits we place on ourselves may severely restrict our personal happiness.

Therapy can help you to refocus, visualize the life you want to live, set meaningful treatment goals, and develop the skills needed to reach them. Therapy is the one place where a person can be listened to and understood without bias, and with deep understanding. This experience of being understood and valued by being listened to without bias is in itself therapeutic. In therapy, a process begins to occur over time that becomes internalized in a person’s mind.

Therapy can help people to break free from maladaptive patterns, get a better understanding of self, resolve painful memories, become unstuck, and improve their relationships. Not only does therapy help people to heal, it also promotes increased self-awareness, insight, and confidence.

Therapy and counseling are types of treatment to improve your mental well-being. Therapy can teach you new ways to think about the situations that bother you and help you cope with your feelings. It can help with feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, shyness and panic. It can also give you tools to help fight low self-esteem and depression, for example. In my practice I use  different approaches or therapies.