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Nicolaas Tulpstraat 69, 2563 XL, The Hague

Our vision
We care very much about those who are in distress and feel our professional and life experience has enabled us to be particularly attuned to their feelings, needs, and pain.
We believe the “fit”, or connection, is crucial to successful therapy. If you are in distress over a relationship difficulty, experiencing anxious or depressing feelings, or your child is having difficulty in school, we offer a safe, nonjudgmental setting which fosters clarity and insight and creates the conditions for growth and healing. We use an interpersonal and developmental perspective but we also able to work from a different approach when conditions call for one. We are experienced in helping people with their thought processes as they encounter the problems and challenges of life. We work with individual adults, adolescents, children and their families.


Free walk-in consultation in LEIDEN & THE HAGUE
Saturdays at 10:00 – 11:30

We have a free of charge, consultation hour. Between 10:00-11:30 you are welcome to come and discuss with our psychologist about any questions you may have regarding mental health difficulties.

Let us know that you come, so we can plan an individual free of charge short session with you at info@expatspsychologist.com


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Research has proven that about 85% of people who enter therapy report improvement in their symptoms and daily functioning. After therapy, people often report greater life satisfaction, fewer health problems, and more satisfying relationships. Some people report improvement in just a few sessions while other concerns may need longer.

    Our clinic has a professional team of psychologists/behavioral analysts and we are able to treat a broad range of concerns. Our clinical services are offered in English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Russian, and Greek. Our clinic specializes in individual therapy for children, adolescents, students and adults to address a range of concerns including behavioral problems, academic problems, problems with low mood, anxiety worry, relationship problems, family problems, and other concerns. We are also well-qualified for marriage/couples counseling and family counseling.
    Using the latest testing instruments, we do not just identify areas of weakness but are instead focused on individuals’ strengths. All assessments are also focused on interventions and determining concrete recommendations to improve the problem.