Movement therapy

movement therapy
Movement therapy

Hello, I’m Natalia Karavaeva

My Movement Therapy is your doorway to the world of the Being Liberated. It is an excellent way to empower yourself through your body.

With these movements you will learn how to tap into yourself and body wisdom. And use this to grow!

I teach you the power of the body. I use my knowledge and personal experiences to help you tap into your body knowledge to align the wisdom of your mind, heart and belly.

Help yourself to feel free, get rid of contracting emotions, feel confident, set boundaries.

You are not alone! Thousands of other people around the world struggle with these issues. But there is a way to manage and get rid of this. We need to dive into our body to start self-healing and self-empowerment!

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Deal with fear, guilt and shame
Manage anger and anxiety
Become self-assertive
Become self-confident
Get rid of body-shame
Heal your traumas

With my knowledge in divine dance therapy I have inspired and empowered to heal traumas. I came from Russia but already more than 8 years live in the Netherlands. Helping to balance mind, heart and belly has become my life’s mission.

So I would love to help you empower through your strong qualities and also to heal your traumas through your body, connect with your power. Together we will make this world more harmonize, beautiful and connected.