Movement therapy

Movement therapy

Hello, I’m Natalia Karavaeva

My movement therapy is your doorway to the world of Being Liberated. It is an excellent way to empower yourself through your body. Thanks to the movements I will teach you, you will learn to tap into yourself and your body’s wisdom and eventually use this experience to grow.
Throughout my sessions, I will teach you the power of the body. I use my expertise and personal experiences to help you connect to your body knowledge to align the wisdom of your mind, heart, and guts.

Help yourself feel free, get rid of contracting emotions, feel confident, connect with yourself, and set boundaries. You are not alone! Thousands of others around the world struggle with similar issues. Movement therapy allows you to leave these problems behind you. Contact me if you are ready to dive into your body and start a process of self-healing and self-empowerment!

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Deal with fear, guilt and shame
Manage anger and anxiety
Become self-assertive
Become self-confident
Get rid of body-shame
Heal your traumas
Natalia Karavaeva

Originally, I am Russian, but I have been living in the Netherlands for more than eight years.
Helping to balance mind, heart, and belly has become my life’s mission. With my knowledge of divine dance therapy, I have been inspired and empowered to help others heal from their individual and collective traumas. I would love to help you find new, improved confidence and strength by healing your mind through your body and teaching you to connect with your own power.